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Bobby Bullet: Guestbook

Jan Kasper

May 15, 2013

always a fan

Don & Barb Rutledge

September 3, 2012

GERAT JOB ON YOUR NEW RELEASE (CROOKED TEAR) This really sounds good Barb and I love it. Your music will live on forever.


December 1, 2010

The Bigfoot video is awesome!
Regards to Shirley and Penelope!
So is the music
keep it coming!

jan Umble Kasper

July 29, 2010 been a fan for over 15 yrs. i believe, and i had a 45 (record) finally found you on the internet
my husband is from lac du flambeau he passed on a few years ago love your music

Racquel Zortman Bell

June 11, 2010

Looking to get a copy of the song LDF rez....

Keith Burch

June 3, 2010

Great stuff Bob brings back great memories!

David Thompson

May 17, 2010

I learned more about you today. I didn't know you did that Rainbow song here in my hometown of Boscobel. How cool. Take care.

David Thompson

craig gunther

April 3, 2010

Excellent sound and lyrics

David A. Schmid

March 1, 2010

Fantastic Music!

Ian Rocha

February 23, 2010

Wow... Congratulations my friend. It is great to see you, bobby, in your own website. It has been a long time. Here in Brazil, I often think of you and all the learning I experienced while participating in the cerimonies with you in wisconsin.
I hope we can connect again.
Best wishes

Kimberly Smith (LaBarge)

February 6, 2010

Boozhoo Bobby,
So I see you have a website, that is so cool. So how is everything with you? I am going to school now, I am majoring in criminal justice, Im doing good in my classes, which I got to do, otherwise I would never make it. So any how, hope to hear from you soon, take care now.


Kim (LaBarge) Smith

Bobby Bullet

January 20, 2010

Dear Friends,

I appreciate all your comments and interest in my music. Looking forward to the coming music events and the chance to visit with you. Thank you all so much for your support.

Ken and Deb Larsen

December 20, 2009

Great Concert today and glad you are on your way. Congratulations Bob


December 19, 2009

Yes, Kay! Strawberry Island :) Historically :( Pamela says that strawberries are good for the heart; happy or sad, my heart is grateful, greatly full, here on Turtle Island. Now Bob, remember both of our Moms had trigger fingers that got stiff and sore. But you, you play your heart out there Bulletman; pick and grin on as we all age together, futurically praying for green and peace. And no more bloodletting on stage, you hear!


December 5, 2009

Congrats on the release of your Scapbook CD!! Looking forward to its arrival so I can enjoy it. Hope to get up your way next summer. You are such great people. Best to you and Pam. :-)

Kay Phillips

October 27, 2009


Your concert in Portage was great. I loved, as I told you, Strawberry Island. It was wonderful to see you and Pam again. I have listened to your CD and it is really good. I bought one for Susan Cushing (at her request) and will get that to her soon.

Love to you and Pam always,


Rachel Sharp

October 27, 2009

After waiting an eternity and listening to all the "artists" performing in the studio for years, something good actually occurred! A marvelous CD!
Come on back - I miss you all. One reminder, though: beware of the Scotty with the red collar.


October 5, 2009

So i am not a professional at all, but i was wondering if you would kindly let my be your photographer. i am good at taking photos, and it is a great passion of mine. i will interview before hand, if needed. please contact me at my email or at 1-608-575-8721. Thanks so much.

all my love, Elise Rana.

i cant wait to see your show..

Sara J. Basso

October 2, 2009

Hey Bob - nice website and fascinating bio. Congratulations on your upcoming CD. Let me know when "Scrapbook" is available for purchase. I want one!

Steve Legler

September 28, 2009

Heard you had moved north, but didn't know where.
Good to hear that you are still doing, what you love!
Remember the times, at Nora, with Custer's, and
'Harland's homemade wine'!!!
I'll keep checking your website, for your shows,
and maybe catch one, down the line.
Take Care.

Take Care.


September 22, 2009

Very nice Web site Bobby .Keep up the faith .
Lots of Love Tammy

Craig W. Gunther

September 18, 2009

Congratulations and best of luck!

Laura Wilders

September 18, 2009

Bobby Bullet is great!

Dawn Marie LaBarge

September 8, 2009

It's about time! :)

Butch Bublitz aka Buddy Lee

September 4, 2009

Hi Bobby, I hope that you remember me. I am a drummer and singer who has played with several bands in south central Wisconsin. I am going to be 60 on the 25th of September. To refresh, do you remember the Bronson family? Arden,Menzo,Bud from years ago. These are all my cousins. There mother was my Grandmothers sister. I have played drums with Bobby Hodge,Bobby Rice,Al Dykstra, just to name a few. Some of the places were The Cat N Fiddle,Bud's House of Sandwiches,Wings Inn,The Onion House and the list goes on and on. What I remember of you best is when you did Benefits for The Rainbow Children at The Crossroads in Bristol with Joe Sun. I was there also when Chris Plata played. We will see you in Portage October 24th. I would love to talk more. Thanks and best wishes


August 30, 2009

It was nice playing with you tonight Bob.Take care and see you soon!


August 28, 2009

Bob--congratulations and best wishes on your "Scrapbook" CD. Look forward to hearing it. Nice website. :-)

Tony Spangler

August 27, 2009

See you @ Juneau August Fest - Will
be hangin w/ Tom Rueter & Bruce
Sharpe. Heard lot bout you!

Lynne Johnson

August 12, 2009

ahhhh an appaloosa sky . what's this? . a guitarguy galloping upsidedown and backward plucking windwords from clouds as if we were all rainbowrelations . imagine that . imagine that . lynne


August 7, 2009

wow! you are absolutely amazing!! i love every song you've ever sang performed recorded!!!!i love you! miss you grandpa!

Joe Sun

July 30, 2009

Bob...good luck on joining the net and your new CD. The Branded Men are the eagle...Joe Sun


July 23, 2009



June 24, 2009

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