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Bobby Bullet: News

Bobby Bullet 2016 Finalist in The Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) - September 23, 2016

Bobby Bullet attended the 2016 NAMMYS in Salamanca, NY on September 17, 2016. Bobby's JUSTICE IN TIME ALBUM was a  finalist in two categories 1) Best Folk/Spoken Word recording and 2) Best Historical Linguistic Recording. 

Bruce Sharp of Black Scotty Records, elder Lorraine Meinhardt of Iron River, MI, and Bobby's wife Pamela accompanied Bobby on the celebratory journey. 

Bobby Bullet thanks all the music fans that give their vote of support to his music.  Miigwitch

2015 Finalist at Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA), Milwaukee, WI - September 23, 2015

Four songs honored as finalists on Bobby Bullet's JUSTICE IN TIME album at the 2015 Indian Summer Music Awards, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The four songs are Human Brother sung by Bobby Bullet, Marilyn sung by Kim Acosta, Juicy Eyes sung by Dawn LaBarge, and instrumental piano duet with native flute Paint River Wolves by Sara Ehlert and Pamela Nesbit. 

Indian Summer Music Awards presents Life Time Acheivement Award to Bobby Bullet - September 23, 2014

Bobby Bullet was honored to receive Indian Summer Music Award's LIFE TIME ACHEIVEMENT AWARD in Milwaukee, WI in 2014. 


Rotator Cuff Surgery - July 22, 2013

I currently had a rotator cuff surgery on June 25th.  Everything went well and I'm doing great.  

2013 NACF Artist Fellowship - March 14, 2013

Bobby is a winner of the 2013 NACF Artist Fellowship award. Fellowships honor Native artists that have made a significant impact in their discipline, who are respected by their colleagues and in the greater arts field, and who are emerging as powerful voices in the arts.

Watch NAMMYS online - November 12, 2010

View Native American Music Award Ceremony (NAMMYS) on November 12, 2010,

starting at 7:00 PM eastern standard time on


Big Foot Sighting - September 15, 2010

Big Foot was seen in Central Wisconsin and Michigan. Look out for him!!

Nominations for Native American Music Awards - July 12, 2010

I've got several nominations for the Native American Music Awards!
Debut Artist
Songwriter of the Year
Artist of the Year
Record of the Year
Best Folk Recording - Strawberry Island
Song/Single of the Year - Gonna Get Your Lovin
Best Country Recording - Gonna Get Your Lovin

Maury Big John Memorial - May 11, 2010

Bob played for the Maury Big John Memorial Jam session in Lac du Flambeau.  All musicians that have played with Muary over the years were invited to the event and several of them showed up.  About 30 musicians played some great music and there was good food and great memories.

The event was inspired by Muary's daughter Marcia Big John. 

Fundraiser on April 18th - May 11, 2010

Bob played at the Flame in Lac du Flambeau on April 18th to raise funds for a young woman in need of heart surgery.  It was a successful benefit. 

Scrapbook Tour - December 1, 2009

We are currently planning the Scrapbook Tour for June, July and August. Stay tuned for dates that Bobby will be playing.

Sad news, Hank LaBarge - December 1, 2009

On November 3rd Hank LaBarge crossed over. Hank was an influential part of Bobby's music life and will be missed.

Sad news, Tom Nennig - September 1, 2009

Bobby Bullet was saddened to hear the passing of fellow guitarist, Tom Nennig.  Tom played guitar with Bobby on many projects. He was a true professional and a gentleman.

Bobby signs on with Black Scotty Records - July 1, 2009

Bobby has signed on with Black Scotty Records and is in the process of creating his latest CD, Scrapbook. CD due to be released October 24, 2009.

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